September 11, 2006

I have been looking for a 9-11 post

In fact, I have alternated from anger to sadness most of the morning. Tonight, Keith Olbermann delivered a staunch attack on the Rove/Bush approach, and I felt the anger. I don't want to be angry about this. This morning's yoga helped tremendously, and I realized I had a choice: I could allow Bush to appeal to our worst, or I could embrace hope.

In looking around, SOF clued me to this great post from Visual VoiceVisual about another anniversary--the anniversary of 100 years since Mahatma Gandhi's introduction of the non-violent resistance movement. Gandhi's grandson had these words that I think are a good way to frame this terrible day:
"The first lesson [my grandfather] taught me was to understand anger, and being able to channel anger into positive action. He said that anger is like electricity. It is just as useful and just as powerful, if we use it intelligently. It can be just as deadly and destructive, if we abuse it. Just as we channel electricity, bring it into our lives and use it for the good of Humanity, we must learn to channel anger in the same way. We can use that energy for the good of Humanity, rather than abuse it.
~ Arun Gandhi"


mary said...

Wow -- thanks Streak and SOF for the heads up on that quote. That one gets printed out.... now if I could just figure out a way to tattoo it so I don't forget when I need it most!

seb said...

Very nice quote and quite on the money.