September 22, 2006

Oh, this is funny

Billo, as it turns outhas delusions of grandeur. Just read the post. Billo thinks that Al Qaeda hates him specifically. What an idiot. Sorry, SBCDude, your sexual harrassing, megalomania loudmouth is also delusional. But go ahead and watch him, by all means. No need to actually address facts or evidence. As long as the blowhard one will tell you what to think about torture and the rest, all is well.


Anonymous said...

Streak, your lack of patriotism sickens and worries me. We should chat about this later.
-- CIL at an Apple Store in Chicago

ubub said...

Too true, CIL, too true. In fact, it bears repeating. Too true, CIL, too true.

Streak said...

Hell, it concerns and sickens me too!

But at least I don't watch the sexual harrasser idiot on television!

And to think, my leftist blather is spread from Apple Store to Apple Store. :)