September 24, 2006

Couple of political notes

First, check out this provocative article at Salon linked from Crooks and Liars about how Democrats may be giving Rove way too much credit. Worth thinking about.

Second, I finally watched the Chris Wallace interview of Clinton (also at C & L). I wish he hadn't said a few things, but he was clearly irked and handled himself better than I would have in the same situation. In other words, I wish he hadn't accused Wallace of having a smirk on his face--Wallace always has a smirk on his face. But calling him on the conservative hatchet job and the continued misrepresentation of the Clinton years was great and long overdue. I am sure that Clinton thinks that he shouldn't have to do that, but with the malignancy called the press, and a general weakness from other prominent Democrats, he had to. And he can. He can speak out.

Josh Marshall watched it and said that it was nice to see someone who profoundly "gets" politics. I agree.

This interview will be roundly mocked by those who think that Ann Coulter is reasoned, but liberals should take this as a charge to defend our views with honesty, civility, and clarity.

Go therefore and call them on their lies. Every Republican should be reminded that they are voting for torture. Every Bush supporter should be asked why they wanted the rule of law under Clinton, but not now.


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