September 16, 2006

Politics still intrude, eh?

Saw this morning that some of the GOP tactics aren't working, but Bush's poll numbers have gone up a little. They hit 40.

Yet, everywhere I look, everyone rolls their eyes at Bush. Republicans disagree with him on torture and Homeland Security. People close to the situation--absent a few people on Fox News--all think that Bush has screwed up. Even Scarborough asks if Bush is an idiot and concludes that he lacks a curious mind.

The only people who somehow are still deluded that Bush is competent, are the 35% of the Bible belt. That seems like the only way you can still like him. You have to be able to just hold things on faith. Completely.

I can't do it. 6 years of incompetence and fear mongering.

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P.M. Prescott said...

It took seventy years before the Russians had enough of this kind of incompetence. Amazing how the inept seem to linger on no matter how many people they harm or kill.