September 17, 2006

Bush and Lincoln?

Yeah, just saw this morning that our idiot president compared himself to Lincoln AND tried to reassure the thumper crowd that God was in charge of his presidency. He said that we might be experiencing a Third Awakening like that under Lincoln. The fact that the Second Awakening was well before Lincoln is irrelevant to a President this dumb. Or cagy. Or immoral. Got to invoke the proper religiousity for the idiots. Got to assure them that he is still a "Man of God." No matter that his historical knowledge is worse than a high school freshman. No matter that this supposed Man of God tortures people and defends it. NO matter that he treats all his political enemies like shit. No matter. Up is down. Black is white. Bush is a "man of God" like Lincoln?

Very Rovian. And very much counting on the thumpers in the pews to not really know or care about actual history. Or, for that matter, how a real Christian President might actually act.

This is more than a sigh. This is a retch. Shame on anyone who falls for this. But, like I said the other day, if your knowledge is all from "faith" then you can believe that Bush is a genius and a Moses figure. Instead, he is a Machiavellian. I have said this before, but if Bush is what is considered a man of God, then count me out!


Peter Matthes said...

I'm with you.

If Bush is going to Heaven ... I think Hell sounds pretty good.

Perhaps we can convince George "Abe" Bush to go see a Broadway show.

P.M. Prescott said...

Is it me or is Dubbya getting delusional?
I think when he's finally out of office he needs to be put in a rubber room, with Rumsfeld, Cheney and Rove.