September 16, 2006


Not that Bush's Christian supporters really ask that, but if they were, how do they deal with a man who does stuff like this? Recent Posts by Eric Kleefeld | TPMCafe: "Bush Won't Question Critics' Patriotism -- But Others Can:
There was a great moment at President Bush's press conference today that's passed completely unnoticed. Asked about GOP Rep. John Boehner's recent remark that Dems might rather protect terrorists than protect Americans, Bush started off by saying that no one should ever question critics' patriotism—then quickly corrected himself to say that he would never question critics' patriotism. His answer: "No one should ever question the patriotism of somebody who—let me just start over—I don't question the patriotism of somebody who doesn't agree with me." So did Bush just unwittingly give away the game by revealing that he'll happily look the other way while others question his critics' patriotism, as he remains above the fray?

Kind of like Jesus saying to people, "Personally, I would turn the other cheek, but my disciples have to do what they have to do."


I know, I know. I need to go listen to music and get away from politics. But it is hard to do. Hard to do when you read stories like this one and realize that people like Bush respond to military heroes like Colin Powell by dismissing them. They (you know, veterans, people with experience, etc) are mistaken! But Chimpy, who's experience during VN is most likely a drunken blur knows better!

Sigh. Sigh.

There was a time when I thought that Betty Bible and Pastor John would listen to Colin Powell over someone like George W. Bush. No longer.


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