September 17, 2006

End of the festival

Like my live blog said, Kathleen was great. If you aren't listening to her, then you should. KT Tunstall was also really impressive. I didn't know she was Scottish. (If it's not Scottish, it's crap!)

And it did rain like a motherf*&ker. It was really nice and cool most of the early afternoon, only heating up later around 4 when it was pretty steamy. (Man, did I say that Kathleen was great?)

After that, moved on to Jose Gonzales who was very impressive, though way too subdued for a music festival. Went from there to Patrice Pike, a local favorite. She was fun, though she didn't really grab us. Circled over to an oddity band called "White Ghost Shivers" who crossed 1920s sound and vaudeville acts with a modern love of the f-word. I found myself entranced.

Then we moved over to the New Pornographers, who were worth the wait. The band before them (Ween) annoyed me. But the NP's were great, and Neko was there! And man, can she sing. Holy shit. Initially, she complained of not having the proper monitor settings and joked that she was freezing. At one point, she suggested, er... performing a certain act if she could get the monitor situation fixed. She was kidding, as she noted herself.

Anyway, the New Pornographers made the top list for both of us. We then moved on to the Greencards who were hopelessly overpowered by Ben Harper (almost criminally) though still amazed us. After that we were beat. Done. Stick a fork in us.

But the post this morning stuck with me. (Still pondering Bush's opening phrase, "I recently read a book on Lincoln" which is clearly a lie unless Lynn Cheney recently wrote a special children's book for Bush.) I decided that the moral lessons I learned as a wee lad in Scotland were over-rated. Our president had shown us the way. So, when I saw an Oregon Ducks fan, I beat the ever living shit out of him, shouting the entire time "I will show you an onside kick!"

No I didn't.

But I did see a Bush supporter and decided to act. I waterboarded him right there in Barton Springs. I am new to it (no training) and might have drowned the guy, but I think he told me where Usama Bin Laden is hiding. As it turns out, he manages a Walmart in Harlingen, Texas. Who knew? (But his immigrant workers are as exploited as the others.)

Ok, that part is made up too.

But I did seriously consider relocating to a country where the people are not so stupid. And I really do think that the people will respond to Bush's latest bullshit and convince themselves that Bush is ok. And I will have to consider renouncing my American citizenship and moving to a country that has smarter people. Like England. Or Canada. Hell, maybe France.

Americans who think that Bush is Lincolnesque really are a danger. They should not be allowed to drive, much less vote.

Sigh. Without music, I would be a very angry person. :)


SOF said...

Buy some Kathleen Edwards. You won't be disappointed. At one point tears came to my eyes. Can't really remember the lyrics enough to write them here, but they spoke my thoughts.

Nicole said...

He he, you said mother fucker. Well, kinda. said...

Well, he is like Lincoln inasmuch as the divisions he has caused. But that's about all.