September 6, 2006

Yep, I am in a mood

Stories like this: Senate rejects limits on cluster bombs - Yahoo! News don't exactly help. Yeah, and then Bush goes around parotting Rumsfeld that Al Qaeda is realy Hitler in a cave. What an idiot.

Someday I believe I am going to get my apology. The one from all the Republicans who voted for this guy twice, and then have stood back and allowed the castrated congress to forget even basic Constitutional oversight. Something like this:

Dear Streak,

I am writing to apologize for the fiasco that was the George W. Bush presidency, and my part in it. I feel ok about my vote in 2000 because I truly thought Gore was a dweeb and that Bush actually meant it when he said Jesus was his "favorite philosopher." I naively thought that meant he would attempt to act more like Christ. Clearly, I was wrong.

And I continued that error in 2004 by reelecting the man who oversaw, defended, and attempted to redefine torture; invaded two countries and then undercut both efforts while at the same time talking about invading other countries like Syria and Iran; gutted our national safety net with irresponsible tax policies; ignored our Constitution on numerous occasions--actually declaring that he didn't intend or have to follow laws he himself signed; so fucked up our emergency management to the level that federal response to Katrina in the modern age was slower and more inefficient than Hoover's response to the 1927 Mississippi flood.

Oh, and then he started comparing his opponents to people who didn't want to fight Hitler.

I am truly, truly, truly sorry. Someday, we will get our democracy back. I hope.

Your friend

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Anonymous said...

I hear ya. I have family and friends that are so gung ho on Bush, and how he can "do no wrong'. It's just sickening. I wonder what it will really take for them to step back and admit they made a mistake voting and supporting him. I guess pride gets in the way :(