September 8, 2006

Conservatives unhinged, part ?

Yet another post that could be from the Onion but isn't. Michael Berube takes on Dinesh D'Souza's latest unhinged argument and he does it better than I could. But first, D'Souza is evidently arguing that the reason that Muslims hate us around the world is because our culteral left offends them, and according to D'Souza, rightfully so.

Get that? Radical muslims are actually right to hate us because of our gays and our feminists. You know, just like Reverend Jabba Falwell told us.

As Berube points out, when leftists criticize American foreign policy, we are practicing "Blame America First," but when Right Wing Assholes blame liberals, they are ....... oh, who the hell knows?

Sometimes I feel like Jack Crabb from Little Big Man: "The world was too ridiculous even to bother to live in." Ann Coulter and Billo lecture us on religion and morality (and no doubt how to use a loufa or poison a judge), D'Souza tells us that terrorists are right to hate us, and Southern Baptists tell me that George Bush is a "man of god."

Updated. Slate has this first with the title: How conservatives got Coulterized: "D'Souza's book, we are told, 'uncovers the links between the spread of American pop culture, leftist ideas, and secular values, and the rise of anti-Americanism throughout the world.'"


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