September 24, 2006

Falwell at it again

I wish I could say that there is only one reason I no longer respect conservative evangelicals, but the list is far too lengthy. You know, defending and joking about torture, then quoting scripture to defend Bush? Well, everytime that Falwell speaks, there is an opportunity for Grownup Evangelicals to repudiate him and his ilk.

Well, here is another chance. The fat man compares Hilary to the devil (see, that is only wrong when Chavez does it with Bush) and stokes up his sheep followers. Then he gave us an example of his "theology:"
"Falwell predicted that this year's midterm elections would go in the GOP's favor, despite polls showing Democrats in position to make gains.

'I think we're going to keep the House and the Senate,' he said. 'I think the Lord will take care of that.'"

Yep. God is a Republican. But any God who endorses torture and the lies of people like Rove is a God I don't want to know.

Waiting. To be fair, I know for a fact that many evangelicals find this language disconcerting. How about writing the fat man a letter? How about making sure that your local Republican party knows that this is unacceptable?

Time to step up. Every one of the religious right leaders--the ones most often quoted in the media--are a laughingstock and do more to undermine the mission of the evangelical church than anything. Yet, evangelicals continue to tacitly endorse him.


Paul said...

Some of these people are incredibly deranged.

Streak said...

You will hear no argument from me.

Tony said...


My regard for Dr. Falwell is decreasing day by day. He issued a public expalantion today why he said what he did about the Clintons.

He said, "Of course this was a tongue-in-cheek statement, made to emphasize the fact that the Clintons serve as a motivating factor with conservative people of faith...Conservative Christians are continually defined by the media as humorless individuals who want to convert the world into mindless Christian zombies. So if someone like me utilizes irony or utilizes a whimsical phrase, it is taken as a threatening statement."

No, I do not agree with the majority of Senator Clinton's views, but I will not demonize her either. It is remarks like Dr. Falwell made that calls "conservative Christians" (like me) into question. I thoroughly disagree with Dr. Falwell's statements and instead of an explanation and justification, he should have issued an apology and a retraction.

However, with that being said, I do desire your opinion on one thing. What would you make of Rosie's blatantly liberal comment on The View, where she said, "Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America?" I just happened to be visiting one of my church members in the nsg home and The View happened to be on, when I caught that statement. So, lay your fears to rest, I don't regularly watch The View ;-)!

I know you read my post on Hagee and my opinion of those views on "radical Islamofasicism," so, what is your take on all this?

And, I do benefit from reading your posts; esp about Pres. Bush. And like I said before, I hope you are holding out for some of us.


Streak said...


Good question. I remember when Rosie said that. I don't agree with what she said, actually about either faith. I didn't see the show, but I believe that she was immediately challenged by one of the other hosts.

But who really listens to Rosie? Here is the thing. For every Ann Coulter, there is a Ward Churchill saying something stupid. But the problem is that the people saying that on the left are A) out of power, and B) not even listened to by the left. John McCain had to visit Jerry Falwell's school to make sure that religious conservatives will listen to him, just as every conservative has to go speak to Bob Jones.

But no liberal politician will feel the need to reach out to Rosie. Or Ward. Or even Michael Moore. And Falwell is supposedly a man of God.

None of that says that it was ok for Rosie to badmouth all Christians. I am not suggesting that. It was bigoted.

Anyway. Thanks for reading, Tony. I do hold out hope. Especially when I hear from you.