September 2, 2006

The right is unhinged

I had lost track of the story of the two Fox reporters captured in Gaza, and only remembered hearing the good news that they had been returned safe. Evidently, that is good news only for normal people. David Warren calls these men cowards who should have taken a bullet rather than appease these terrorists. He says that, of course, from the safety of his laptop.

Glenn Greenwald really looks at this issue of conservatives who like others to die for them. Jon Swift's post, entitled Kidnapped Fox Newsmen Let Us Down By Not Dying, fully exposes how idiotic this is. In fact, we have to note, that Jon Swift's normal satire is muted here. How do you satire people who are so ridiculous as to chastize captives for not dying?

Read their posts and weep for our Republic. With conservatives like this, we are more like our enemies than we thought. Replete in the conservative rant is the call for people to martyr themselves for Christ in this battle. How familiar is that?

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