September 19, 2006

I should have stayed in Austin....

But their president also tortures. And no, I am not letting this go. I am not going to stop talking about the huge, gigantic, enormous moral contradiction (apologies to Nathan) between the Christian Right's own President and the act of torturing other human beings. Humans, as it turns out, who might or very well might not be terrorists. And if we don't do it ourself, then we will simply outsource the job:
"For the last four years, the United States has been (and still is) a country which kidnaps other countries' innocent citizens (including those of its own allies); brings them to Jordan, Syria and Egypt to be tortured (sometimes for as long as a year); lies to its allies about what it is doing with their citizens; and then, when the innocent citizens are finally released and they go to an American court to try to obtain compensation from the U.S. government for their disappearance and torture, the Bush administration tells the federal judge that the case must be summarily dismissed because national security would be harmed if the administration were held accountable in a court (and the courts then comply)."

Pardon my outrage. And perhaps it is a good thing that I still feel it. So many Americans simply don't care about this issue. Our moral authority on a world level is gone.

It is enough to make me weep for my country. And weep more for those who profess Christianity yet don't seem to mind the case of Maher Arar--one of those innocents who was taken to Syria (axis of Evil) by our own government where he was beaten repeatedly. Finally, even Syria decided he wasn't a terrorist.



JMG said...

This has probably already been brought up, but what happens when the axis of evil uses against American detainees techinques that the Bush administration has said is not torture? Will Bush and the Christian Right change their tune when it's American kids not being tortured?

Streak said...

That has always been the issue that Bush and Co., seem to ignore. Of course, it is easy for them. They never served and never had to. They can always send other people's kids into the breach and then act macho and strut around.

It is no coincidence that all the supporters lack any actual experience in war and the prominent republican critics know what war is about. Like I said elsewhere, I used to trust the fundies to respect someone like Powell, but that seems no longer the case. Bush is not only their Jesus President, but also their War President.

Wasp Jerky said...

The same thing applies to our logic of invading Iraq. Attacking another country because they might attack you in the future means that any country can now attack you if they think you might attack them in the future. Based on Bush's logic, Iran or North Korea would be perfectly justified in launching missles at us.