September 29, 2006

Clintonzilla attacks! Run away! Run away!

Some humor. Well, not for Bushies, but hey, that isn't my job.

SOF alerted me to this column by Jon Carroll about the Clinton battle with Chris Wallace. I am pretty convinced, btw, that Clinton was not surprised in the least and the ambush was, in fact, of Fox and the Republicans. But here is a pretty good take on Clinton as the "only Democratic politician the right is afraid of:"
"He was elected to the presidency twice, and neither of his elections was rigged, so already that puts him ahead of the incumbent. And his popularity means that the red-state Americans do not entirely buy into the right-wing view of the world, which means that saying '9/11' over and over again may not be a good permanent re-election strategy.
I keep reminding myself that Clinton enjoyed a 70% approval rating after impeachment. For all the talk about radical leftists, Bush's supporters are the fringe.

Speaking of fringe:
In the wake of the interview, the Fox people tried to spin it as, 'Ooo, Clinton got angry. He lost it.' Hell, yeah, he got angry. When your character is attacked and your views misrepresented on national television, getting angry is an appropriate response. A lot of us have been waiting for a long time for someone to get angry enough to fight back.

And Clinton didn't lose it; he found it. He didn't get sputtery and inarticulate; he got eloquent.


Seeing Bill CLINTON do it was even better. Oh, look, it's the boogeyman; run, little talking heads.

I certainly do hope that the Democrats took the hint. George Bush is right; appeasement doesn't work. Trying to get into a dialogue with neocon ideologues is a chump's game. Don't pretend they're just like regular politicians; they're not. They don't care what you think. And I've been hearing what they think for a long time, and I don't need to hear it anymore."



Cold In Laramie said...

I noticed in this morning's Casper Star Tribune that Ann Coulter has a "column" ripping Clinton for overreacting. I would suggest to read it, but I am afraid we would become stupider (is that a word?) in the process. So don't.

Streak said...

Hah. I won't read it, don't worry. But we are being chastized by Ann Coulter? The same person who said that the 9-11 widows enjoyed their husband's demise is lecturing Clinton on "over-reacting?"

Now that is priceless. Now, can we get a vocabulary lesson from Bush? A how-to on compassion from Dick Cheney? A moral story on humility from James Dobson.


P.M. Prescott said...

In the last twenty years Clinton is the only Democrat to have balls. (In more ways than one)
But he is the only one who speaks his mind, and the people respect that. Gore and Kerry were afraid of their own shadow. They need to get away from the campaign managers and pollsters.

Wasp Jerky said...

I dunno. Barack Obama *might* have balls. Time will tell.