September 30, 2006

Way to go Southern Baptists

I feared this was true. Richard Land says that the SBC is still behind the President in huge numbers and that Iraq is one of our nobler moments in history. Evidently, some 42 percent of white evangelicals actually disapprove of the Prez
"But Land contends Bush has lost less support from Southern Baptists than 'virtually any other constituency.' The Nashville-based SBC is the largest Protestant denomination in the U.S. with over 16 million members.

'I don't think there's any question that the vast majority of Southern Baptists still strongly support this president and his policies,' Land said.

Southern Baptists have been among the most vocal of conservative Christian groups in support of the Bush administration.

The president has spoken by video link to the Southern Baptist national convention three times in recent years and outgoing SBC President Jack Graham called the president 'a man of personal faith whose leadership is great for America.'"
A man of personal faith who wants to torture and not be questioned about it. A man of faith who misleads the American public on how badly Iraq is going, and looks the other way while Afghanistan slides back under the Taliban.

But a big old "thumbs up" to the SBC for sticking to their guns. Nothing like repeating your old cover story as if it is still true. Nothing like ignoring torture and incompetence. Hey, who the hell cares about those things, anyway? Well, evidently the SBC. As long as they get a few occasional "people are praying for me" or "I trust God" or "Jesus is my favorite philosopher," they will "stay the course."



Anonymous said...

Those who paint with a broad brush are offen wrong. SBC does not support torture, and will not! If the SBC pass's a resolution in favor of inhumane torture techniques, the SBC will separate, split up, and fall apart. Their are good people there, who do not support torture.


Streak said...

Of course. I didn't say that. But blanket support for Bush and a resounding silence when torture comes up also speaks volumes. All the SBC had to do was call Bush on this when it first broke, tell him exactly what you said, "the sbc does not support torture and will not" and those politicians who do will not receive our support.

But instead, the President pushes for inhumane torture techniques (redundancy?) and the SBC and every conservative evangelical organization remains silent. Silence communicates as well, dear annonymous.