September 1, 2006

This is pretty funny

Kevin Powell points us to this website where someone warns us about Apple's secret agenda to convert your kids to homosexuality, drug use, and other un american activities. That's right. A major corporation has, as an agenda, to promote drug use and "switching" from straight to gay.

But if the kids are too doped up on the weed and having gay sex, when will they have time to buy Apple products?

Seems pretty counter productive to me. But then again, I am writing this on AN APPLE COMPUTER! Egads

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Lucre said...

Actually, it's pretty damn clever.

If you have no kids you have more disposable income which would make you more likely to buy more stuff. Therefore it increases the probability of selling more Apple computers, software, iPods, digital cameras and whatnots.

Sure it SOUNDS stupid... like a fox