September 9, 2006

How about Football?

To rescue my questionable masculinity? :)

Man, I love the fall. I love pro football on Sundays, and since moving to Norman, college football on Saturdays. I still remember the days when OU players kept getting in legal trouble, AND the offense couldn't score. The running joke was: "the best way to keep an OU football player out of your backyard was to erect a goalpost."

Things have changed since then, and OU Football is back. They won again today over a so-so Washington squad, but there were some really fun moments. Seeing Adrian Peterson run is a real joy. Some people are able to get to full speed immediately, and he seems to be one of those.

But not all of OU football is fun. I still remember SOF and I walking to watch the OU/Nebraska game (with CIL, incidentally) and being afronted by an incredibly drunk fan--this for an 11:00 am game (as I recall). He told us, very seriously, "Don't let them do it. Don't you let them do it!"

Still not sure what "it" was, but OU won that particular game, so all is forgiven. Today, I watched the post-game and found the watching difficult. Hell, the game wasn't easy. Toby Keith is the celebrity du-jour in Oklahoma, so he is the voice and image of Oklahoma. Sigh. Then they let the OU fans talk. Sigh.

That's ok. I love my adopted state. And I certainly love football--Toby Keith and all.

But a QB from Texas named "Colt?" That ain't right.


ubub said...

So, let me get this straight. You were clearly warned in a Streak's Daily Briefing not to let it happen, yet within a matter of hours, Toby Keith was still handed a microphone and allowed to hold forth on international events? What part of it do you not understand? I demand a full investigation.

Nicole said...

You don't need football to rescue your masculinity...because if so, my love of football would require me something to rescue my femininity. And that's just not right.

Streak said...

Hah. Nicole, too true, too true. Just another example of some of our silliness.

And Ubub, I don't appreciate your challenge to my authority and suspect that you might not love America. I was busy clearing brush when the Streaks DB was delivered. Brush; now that is America's true enemy.

greg said...

As soon as they put the mic in his face I hit mute. The man is an utter idiot and I'm embarrassed that he is some sort of iconic Oklahoman. said...

Whenever someone around here starts bragging about Toby Keith, I just casually say, "Yeah, he sure made a lot of money off of 9/11."

And I will never set foot in his bar/steakhouse/whatever it is. There have already been a couple of social occasions where people were going to meet there and I politely declined.

ubub said...

Anglican's a-gonna get a boot in his ass if he keeps a-talkin' that way about Toby Keith. Yee hah

Streak said...

Greg is an anti-mullettite.

Nicole said...

After a horrible encounter with self barbering in middle school, I, too had a mullet. Those were awkward years, even without a mullet.

Just remember, some mullettites are victims, while others, like Toby Keith, are just idiotic.