September 27, 2006


From TPM: "House candidate Tammy Duckworth (D), the Iraq War vet who lost both her legs in combat, responds to opponent Peter Roskam's (R) charge that she wants to 'cut and run' from Iraq."

Once again, Republicans go after a veteran who has earned just a little respect.


JMG said...

Will Roskam need surgery to get both his feet out of his mouth?

Anonymous said...

Goodness, it's so interesting to live and work in the hometown of Roskam. People have their Duckworth and/or Roskam signs out in full force. You can almost feel the tension between the neighbors with different signs.

Then there was that sad little undergrad at my school with his Roskam shirt blazing while sitting in a Church History class. Ah, the irony he was missing.

Streak said...

Nicole, any pushback against Roskam for accusing her of cutting and running? How did her response play?